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Ever wondered why a former investment analyst who earns a five-digit salary would quit his job and become a full time Forex trader?

Forex, when traded correctly, is the fastest way with which anyone can create significant wealth through learning the invaluable skill of trading in the most liquid market in the world.

Allow CFA, Yeo Keong Hee, Best-Selling author of “Secrets of Forex Millionaires”
&“Peak Performance Forex Trading” share with you the strategies that he has spent many years developing and perfecting, and why he choose to quit his full-time job to trade and teach others the skill to not only achieve financial independence but peak performance via FOREX Trading.

Join him for an exclusive 3-hour seminar based on his book “Peak Performance Forex Trading” as he shows you how to tap into the forex market and generate substantial income using proven and recession-proof strategies.

“Keong hee has been able to simplify his training approach and course materials so that even a beginner such as myself, without trading/investing could follow.

It is wonderful indeed to know that the pursuit for financial independence is now within my control!” - Joann Lee, Wealth Academy Forex Graduate

This has been one of the most enriching trading courses I’ve attended. The approach taught is practical, easy
to understand and execute.”

- Teo Hock Cheng, Wealth Academy Forex graduate

I really appreciate Keong Hee’s Wealth Academy Forex course. I have attended a few courses, but Wealth Academy
Forex has built up my confidence greatly. The spreadsheet on Money Management and strategy alert are really wonderful.
I would like to sincerely thank Keong Hee.”

- Freddy Lim, Wealth Academy Forex Graduate